Costum work
Sumeyye and Kenan are the duo behind studio muse. Sumeyye designs all the furniture and makes the selection for the collection and Kenan is the manpower who makes the furniture and is responsible for the financial part.

So if you have found a handmade piece of furniture in our collection, but it does not fit within the sizes you wish, we can also tailor each piece of furniture special for you.

You can also contact us for interior and renovation advice. We have 9 years of experience and specialize in a minimalism, yet warm living style with respect for every material.

Take a look at my portfolio for my latest work.

Sumeyye Ata – Designer and creative art director
VAT: 0733.547.256

Information and collab’s
+32 476 78 30 00

Office and studio
Te Boelaerlei 23
2140 Borgerhout